Choosing auto insurance is never sexy, but it is something you must do. Thankfully, the internet has made it at least convenient.

Gone are the days when you had to make a couple of calls just to get the information you need. Now, you can do most of your research with your computer, smartphone, or tablet at home or at work. Many online tools are available to compare different car insurance products and to request quotes from multiple companies.

Furthermore, you can check for credible reviews to hear what other people have to say about your prospective insurance carriers. You can Google them and learn about the events and incidents that made them grab the headlines of late and in the past years.

Considering that auto insurance is one of the main things that make car ownership costly, as per the infographic from, you should use every resource at your disposal to make a sound decision.

Despite the obvious advantages of using the internet to buy Auto Surety Bonds, it is not for everyone nor is suitable for every situation. There are instances when you may still have to talk to an agent. Below are some of them.

1. You Get Outrageously Low Offers

Online auto insurance quotes are usually more affordable, for they do not include certain operating costs you otherwise have to pay when you walk into an insurer’s office. But when the rates seem too low to be true, take such numbers with a pinch of salt.

Although the auto insurance industry is regulated, it still has some unscrupulous characters that want to rip people off.

If you encounter a surprisingly lowball offer, do not accept it at face value. There is always a chance that these advertised rates are applicable only to customers with stellar credentials, not to the general public.

Converse with a qualified company representative to know the coverage in detail and to find out what other charges are involved.

2. You Have Greater Needs Now

Getting quotes online is perfect when your insurance needs are simple. If you rent a house or an apartment and are not married with no children, you may not have to talk to an agent over the phone or in person. You can finish the transaction with a few taps on your electronic device and wait for a copy of your policy at your doorstep.

But it is a different story if your life is more complicated than it used to. As a general rule, the more assets you have, the greater your insurance needs become.

You probably just need auto insurance, but strongly consider getting all of the types of coverage your family requires, like an umbrella insurance policy, from a single carrier. Rolling everything into one could earn you discounts large enough to save a ton of money and to receive comprehensive protection at the same time

3. You Receive Cold Emails

It is usually a bad idea to be reactive when buying insurance. Apart from the possibility that a veteran salesperson could talk you toward a premature or half-baked purchase, you might give your personal details to a shady party.

Loss of privacy and identity theft are some of the dangers that should worry you when your sensitive information falls into the wrong hands.

Not all unsolicited emails are made by a scam artist, but be cautious when responding to any of them. Some websites look professional, but they are not necessarily legitimate. Hover over the link to see which web page it will take you when you click it.

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4. You Do Not Know the Company

While auto insurance shopping is not a popularity contest, you should be wary of carriers you have not heard before. TV ads do not make a company honest or trustworthy, but at least many people are familiar to it.

If an insurer is a stranger to you, dig around to learn more about it. Perhaps it is a new player in the local industry with a solid reputation in other countries.

The internet is a powerful tool when shopping around for auto insurance products, but it may work against you if you are not careful enough. With vigilance, you can find the most suitable insurance policy online with as little stress as possible.