Climbing the stairs is more about the function of getting to the upper floor than fun, unless you enjoy doing calf exercises. In most cases, interior designers match the staircase with the floor theme. For instance, if the floor is tiled, the stairs may also feature tiles. On the other hand, if the floor is carpeted, the stairway may be carpeted too. Same pattern for Engineered Wood Flooring, Vinyl flooring, and so on.
It’s Design Rule 101, and common-sense practices.

Other interior designers feature a completely different theme on the stairs to create a focal point. Nevertheless, you do not need to be a professional interior designer to change the theme of your stairs to your desired taste.

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So once you have locked in your upcoming property purchase, it’s now time for staircase design tips.

So gather your tool set, your Custom Screwdrivers and nails, and everything else you need if you’re considering wooden stairs for your home.

Here are staircase makeover DIY tips which you can implement:

  1. Enhance the tile with stencil

Black and white is a very classic and crisp look and there is no material more dignified than tiles. Instead of taking a second mortgage to cover for custom and monochrome tiles, you can use some paint and a stencil to achieve the same effect. If you have a longer staircase, you can stencil every riser to achieve a better appeal. Your aim should be to delight climbers and not make them dizzy.

  1. Rainbow stairs

If you love colours, why should you be constricted to picking one option? A spectrum adds appeal to an otherwise neutral space. You can use pastel colours to maintain a soft effect. If there is a natural source of light above, the stairs will look like a constant ray of sunshine.

  • Chalk paint

You can personalize the staircase without necessarily making them the focal point of the whole house. To achieve a soft and subtle look on your stairs, you can use chalk paint and stencil. If done right, this pattern is unique enough to feel custom. However, the light colours and chalky finish will prevent it from overpowering other elements in the house.

  1. Ombre effect

This is a progressive shading effect that is perfect for a short set of stairs. You can start by painting the darkest shade at the base and gradually use lighter colours. However, you have to make sure each batch is large enough to cover a full step.

  1. Electric look with real tile

Tiles are the most common flooring option because they are incredibly durable. You can use the tiles to create alternating sets of pattern and complementary colours on each riser.

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