There was a time when to drive a vehicle it was mandatory to burn fossil fuels, but with the advancement in technology, we have alternative options available now. The automotive companies are now investing their time and money in making hybrid and electric cars that comparatively causes very less harm to the world as there is no or very less or combustion of the fossil fuels involved, thus no smoke is released.

Hybrid cars first came out on the street back in 1999 when Honda launched Insight. After that Toyota launched their Prius and it turned out to be the best selling Hybrid car. It came out back in 2000. For the purpose of introduction of the cars available for us, we have created this list with three companies for 2019’s cars. Let’s start with the first –

2019 Chevy Hybrid cars and electric vehicles

To offer the best cars in the genre, Chevrolet has 2019 Chevy Hybrid cars & electric vehicles. For Hybrid, the company has a 2019 Malibu Hybrid car. Chevy has some of the best cars that promise smooth driving experience, fuel efficiency, and luxury travel.

BMW models

This German brand hides nothing when it comes to impressing the market as they have 5 electric charging cars to their name 330e, 740Le xDrive, i3, i8, X5 xDrive40e. Coming to Hybrid, BMW has two models to offer ActiveHybrid 7 and X6 Hybrid. These two companies have the highest number of models available in the market for the genre.

Honda hybrid and electric cars

To offer, Honda has three models of Hybrid cars – Accord, Civic, Insight, CR-Z. These are fir For electric charging, daily commutes, and easy operations. With insight into making the common people’s travel easy, these cars make the best of one’s experience with electricity as the source.

Here are a few more companies that offer Hybrid cars.

  • Toyota makes Prius, Camry
  • Nissan offers Altima
  • Lexus has three models to offer, GS 450h, LS 600h L, CT200h HS 250h,
  • Nissan has Altima
  • Hyundai offers Sonata
  • Mercedes offers S400 BlueHybrid
  • Infiniti has M35h
  • Ford makes Fusion
  • Kia has Optima Hybrid
  • Lincoln offers MKZ
  • Fisker made Karma
  • Buick offers Lacrosse eAssist  
  • Volkswagon has Jetta

If you are a person who is always conscious about the environment and do not wish to cause any harm to it, here is the list, leave your old fuel burning car behind and get a hybrid or an electric car and do your bit for the environment.