Be it young or old, everyone loves riding a motorcycle or bike. The fun and adventure are spiked up when you have another co-passenger or pillion rider behind you. But the task is risky as well. The driver’s responsibility increases in keeping the vehicle and the riders safe. Likewise, the pillion also carries the responsibility of ensuring a safe ride since the chances of disbalance increases with a pillion rider. Adjustment is required from both riders. Here, we share some vital safety tips that would keep all safe when riding a two-wheeler with a pillion rider.

  • A helmet is a must

Whenever riding a bike with a co-passenger, both the riders must wear helmets before taking to the road. The helmet is a major lifeline whenever faced with an accident. It can help avert major injury to both riders. You need to be careful about the choice of helmets. It’s always best that you choose a helmet that has been duly certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as well as ISI approved. Moreover, they should provide complete protection to your face and skull.

Earlier they were quite bulky which deterred many from wearing them but modern helmets are light as well as well-ventilated to keep you comfortable throughout the ride.

  • The pillion feet must reach the foot pegs

Another important thing that both the rider and the pillion must ensure is that the pillion’s feet are reaching the foot pegs of the bike with ease. This helps in maintaining the overall balance and reduces the chances of the bike and the pillion falling during the ride. Without the foot touching the pegs, the pillion would find it hard to achieve balance and would be quite uncomfortable during the ride. This will lead to continuous movement from the pillion that would lead to difficulty in controlling the bike and can easily lead to an accident.

In case, the pillion is not able to reach the pegs as it might be with a child as a pillion rider; then appropriate modifications to the bike must be made so that the balance is achieved.

  • Ensure that the pillion knows how to hold on

Before one even begins the ride; the pillion must be briefed about how to hold on during the ride. Generally, there are pillion grab handles behind the pillion seat in almost every two-wheeler. One can reach behind and hold on to it. But the most simple and effective way to remain safe and avoid falling off is to have the pillion ride hold the driver by wrapping his/her arms around him/her. Many pillion riders tend to hold the shoulder or arms of the driver but it is not too safe and does not offer adequate safety.

  • A pre-ride briefing session is a must

If the pillion has never been on a two-wheeler; it’s imperative to have a briefing session before the ride. The pillion rider must be made aware of all safety rules, what they are going to feel and what is the rules that they must abide to. Things like that they should tip back as you open the throttle, seat centrally, relax and stay neutral, offer negligible movement and all such basic riding tips must be discussed well in advance.

  • Prepare the bike well

The bike is a risky vehicle to ride. The risk increases tenfold with a pillion rider. Hence, it is important to minutely examine the bile well before riding it with a pillion. Things like tyre pressure, adjusting the suspension to take the extra weight of the rear easily, adding some preload to the rear shock and all technical issues must be made right so that riding with a pillion rider is effortless.

  • Insurance is a must

Many do not pay much heed to Bike Insurance and the pillion is almost always skipped in it. But one must always take a comprehensive cover and a personal accident cover for both the rider and the pillion. This way both are protected and financially covered if met with an accident.

  • Ride responsibly

With a pillion rider, the responsibility of the driver rider increases enormously. Hence, it is critical that he follows all safety rules to keep both of them safe. He must ride slowly, avoid harsh and quick braking, stop at the first indication of anything amiss, maintain proper communication, etc. The driver must always ensure that they are not showing off their driving skills and trying to be smart. This way both will remain safe.

Wrapping up

Riding a two-wheeler can be exciting for both the rider and the pillion and would be utterly safe if all safety rules are followed. Riding with a pillion is a huge responsibility that can be carried off with ease if the above-mentioned safety tips are followed.