A huge number of people around the world now own a car – indeed, it is thought that there are around 1.2 billion of them on the roads. The way they make getting to where you need to be fast, comfortable and convenient, means they will continue to be how most of us prefer to travel. If you have just purchased a car, your main thought will be about driving it around and having fun. While that is only natural, it is also worth considering carrying out some basic car care tasks at home. This will not only save you money from taking it into your local garage to have the work done but will also keep your car running better, for longer.

If you are a complete novice and need a quick guide on the best way to start off, the below should help.

Checking tire pressures

If you are a beginner when it comes to performing car maintenance at home, you will naturally want to stick to simple tasks that anyone can do. Checking your tire pressures certainly fits into this category and is also an essential job to keep a regular eye on. Incorrectly inflated tires can affect how your car brakes and handles along with posing a blowout risk at higher speeds. Foot pumps are inexpensive and having one at home means you can check and inflate your tires whenever the needs arises. For the amount of pressure that each tire should have, check your owner’s manual.

Car detailing work

One job that even the most inexperienced car owners can do is detailing work. For those who have not come across this term before, it basically relates to washing, shining and protecting the bodywork and tires so they look good.

Simple car detailing will not only make your auto look like it has just come from the showroom it will also protect the bodywork so that it stays in better condition for longer. Many people use a ceramic car wax to get the glossy surface they desire. There are even some all-in-one-products out there now which leave your car looking great and are super-easy to apply.

Keep the fluid levels topped up

The right fluids at the right levels are the lifeblood of any car. A good DIY job any car owner can do with this in mind is simply checking the fluid levels. If you find that any are too low, then topping them up is simple to do.

The key ones to keep an eye on each week are engine oil and the washer fluid for your windshield. The washer fluid will have its own container in the engine compartment which is easy to find. For oil, you should check the level on the dipstick in your engine. Take it out and check to see that the oil level is at the right point – this is normally between two marked lines at the end of the dipstick.

Clean the interior regularly

This is a great tip as it is very easy to do and requires only a binbag to complete. Keeping the interior uncluttered and clean is worthwhile as this will maintain its condition. Removing any debris will also avoid them rolling around in the car when you are driving and potentially going under your pedals. Just clear out any old plastic bottles, food and wrappers that have built up over time. Many people also store clothes in their car which can be messy – if you do not need them, take them back into the house.

Change out old wipers

Windshield wipers are very important because they allow you to clear your windshield for maximum visibility in heavy rain or snow. Many car owners visit a garage to have new wipers fitted when their old ones are worn but there is no need. Most new wipers simply clip into place in the housing on the windshield with no equipment being needed.

Car care for beginners

As you can see from the above, there are some quick and easy at-home jobs anyone can complete to look after their vehicle. Do not worry if you have no previous experience with car care- these jobs are so simple that none is needed. The key thing is to take your time and refer to the owner’s manual if you need a helping hand on the correct way to go about things.