What is a sigh of relief today was a task yesterday- like figuring out the location to your favorite place or checking out the weather outside or connecting with long lost friends and many more things. All of these things today have been made possible with the help of mobile applications in the form of geolocation-based mobile application, or weather forecasting application or chatting apps. 

This is the reason, there are millions of applications available in the app store offering varieties as per the need of the people around. And the never-ending demand for the same is opening great opportunities to reliable flutter app development companies. In order to serve what a client asks for or user demand, app development agencies are figuring out the best technology to cater to the needs of both audiences- iOS and Android. 

Clearing all the air and focusing majorly on the need- Flutter is supposed to conquer the app development world as compared to similar technologies like React Native, NativeScript, Ionic. 

The introduction of Flutter in the cross-platform app development industry does carry good value in the app industry while offering great value and ease to the Flutter mobile app developers. And there is so much about its tale part too. So, without further ado, let us delve deeper to check out its positives and negatives in great depth. 

The good and the bad about Flutter

Ready-made and custom widgets

Flutter does use ready-made widgets that help in creating a user interface. This is the reason, comparing to other approaches that make the use of different objects like views, controllers, layouts, Flutter got a consistent and unified object model. 

As Flutter is called a widget, it can be combined for creating layouts that can again choose to use widgets on any level of customization be it from the existing building blocks to the lowest level. 

And having a widget or better say being called widgets gives an extra edge to flutter that provides widgets perfectly following Material Design and Apple’s Cupertino looks. Apart from that, the UI customization takes less time with Flutter. 

The curve and community

Dart in Flutter is a tool but learning it can be quite challenging. In order to chuck out issues related to learning Flutter and its core fundamental parameters, this is the reason, Google is known for creating detailed and well-structured documentation. Apart from the traditional docs, there are plenty of video lessons from the Google team to address issues related to learning and practical exercises on Codelabs provided officially. 

Dart is a simple and effective language

Dart is the language that mimics and reminds of Java or C++ with its syntax supporting both the strong and weak typing styles. This is the reason, dart for the beginners or the one who is venturing into the world of the mobile app development industry is easy.

Hot reload function

Hot reload feature is another great feature already engraved in the architecture in Flutter’s ecosystem and also does not require plugins to work. The feature lets mobile app developers see the updates that too in real-time along with fixing the error while elevating the programmer’s productivity helping quick iterations and experimenting without delays. 

And there is a long list of features that made flutter mobile app development the most appropriate choice for mobile app developers and apt pick for developing cross-platform mobile applications.