There have always been questions as to who between the dealers and independent mechanics should repair your car. A considerable number of people choose dealers for an auto repair, while a substantial number chooses local mechanics for repair. If you are considering having comprehensive services for your car this summer, you should consider car dealers. Here are some of the reasons as to why you should consider dealers over independent mechanics.

   1. Training and Certifications

There is a huge number of local mechanics who provide excellent services to a car even without any formal training. However, training is an essential aspect of car repair. Not all vehicles have the same engine, model, or the fuel system.

You want your car to be repaired by a technician who has attended formal training and hours of practical lessons. Most of the mechanics servicing cars at dealer shops have formal training, and they have certifications to prove that.

   2. Experienced Mechanics

Auto repair is not a theoretical process that can be handled by reading from the book. It is a practical undertaking that is well known through years of practice and experience. Most of the dealer auto repair shops such as Automoda Alfa Romeo and Fiat Repairs have been in the industry for a longer period, and they can tell the problem of your car by just listening to its engine. You don’t want amateurs to handle your car repair services. You want it to be handled by individuals who have been in the industry for a longer period.

   3. Modern Equipment

As you already know, most of the service centre diagnostic equipment is very expensive, and only a larger service centre can afford such equipment. Taking your car to the local mechanic is a great disservice to your vehicle because the actual problem might not be diagnosed due to lack of equipment. In large service centres, you can be sure that the best diagnostic tests will be done to your car because all the necessary equipment and tools are available. There is also a higher chance that the most appropriate service will be offered after the correct diagnosis.

   4. Genuine Auto Parts

Getting genuine auto parts is always an issue of concern to all the vehicle owners. You have probably taken your vehicle to the local mechanic for repair only for it to be fitted with auto parts from another model. Although it is not a grave issue, it makes your vehicle lose efficiency, especially if the part was replaced in a vital area, such as the engine. However, when dealing with dealers, you can be sure that you are getting genuine vehicle parts. You will get genuine auto parts of all vehicle models. They will also be fitted professionally and conveniently.

   5. Warranties and Guarantees

How does a local mechanic offer warranties? Does he guarantee his work? Those are some of the answers you should be searching when you are looking for an auto repair shop. You will be surprised to realize that most of the local mechanics have nothing to do with warranties and guarantees.

On the other hand, auto repair dealers have all types of warranties. The repaired part can get an assurance of more than a year, which means that you will not be required to pay a single cent when you return to the dealers with the same problem.

As you walk around the streets, you will still come across people who prefer taking their cars to the local repair shop for services. However, with these benefits, you cannot assume the fact that servicing your vehicle in a dealership centre has more benefits than maintaining your car locally.