A pre-owned car can be a great choice of vehicle for those who need superior performance for less. You can go for quality used cars and get these exported from Japan to your destination port as per your preference. However, before you select a well-known used car exporter, make sure to check on these five crucial points –

1 – Check the insurance

If a car’s insurance has expired, then it will be a cost to you. Factor in this cost when you explore the prices of the vehicle on the exporter or auction website. Check the number of add-on covers and renew the coverage only for those aspects that are most important to you. Also, check if you can negotiate a lower premium if the car owner hasn’t put any claims for 2-3 years.

2 – Check the paperwork

In addition to the different documents needed for buying a second-hand car, you should also verify the chassis number, VIN number, and engine number. These numbers will be present on the registration papers and should match the details engraved on the engine, interiors, or body. This check will ensure that you are getting the right used car exported from Japan or another country overseas.

3 – Check the service records

An excellent choice in a second-hand car would be one that has properly maintained the service records. This point will show how diligently the previous owner cared for the vehicle. Also, do not forget to check the frequency of the car going in and out of the service station. Is it going around a lot? Does it have some severe defect that takes a lot of repeated attempts to fix? In such cases, you will need to reconsider your purchase decision and maybe look at other options.

4 – Verify the safety and performance

A car is valuable only if it delivers on the expected parameters of safety and quality performance. When you opt for a second-hand car from Japan via an exporter, you need to ensure this point is given due consideration. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money getting the car exported from out of your country. Go for a trustworthy supplier who has a meticulous and comprehensive list of QA checks in place. The agency will assess the various mechanical and engine parts of the car to ensure that it justifies the price tag.

5 – Prepare for the used car shipping  

In case you are getting the used car directly from dealers in Japan, then you would need to prepare the paperwork to ensure that it can be shipped from the source to the destination port in good condition. Still, there are risks in getting the ideal shipping company for your
need, one sourced from the best online transport marketplace, and where you can check out a few such companies to browse and compare loads and prices.

To sign off

A used car is a significant investment for a cost-conscious buyer. It pays to perform rigorous due diligence before buying the four-wheeler from an exporter or in an auction. Doing so will ensure that you get a hassle-free car buying experience, with maximum value for every dollar paid.